NCRAM launched its ESG Global High Yield Strategy in 2018, with an active track record beginning in early 2019. This strategy offers a more “best-in-class” approach to ESG investing, versus our integration approach in our other strategies. To define the investable universe, we first work with a client to craft an ESG exclusion list based on commonly restricted sectors and responsible investing metrics, in addition to the client’s specific needs and objectives. We then apply NCRAM’s internal ESG scoring rubric to the remaining issuers based on our assessment of overall ESG strengths and risks.

NCRAM also manages a Global Sustainable High Yield strategy (GSHY) that is designed to comply with Article 9 of the European Union’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), and targets both an attractive financial return and constructive sustainability outcomes. GSHY portfolios exclude the highest ESG risk issuers as determined by NCRAM’s proprietary ESG risk assessment framework.

The strategy limits exposure to issuers ranked in the lower tiers of the eligible universe, and portfolios can be further customized based on client goals. The strategy’s ultimate objective is to identify and invest in “Strong Horse” companies with favorable track records in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and governance.


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